BehindMedia is a company founded by Werner Altewischer, Msc in applied physics and freelance software developer focussing on Java back-end and iOS front-end development.

Below is little bit of background about myself:

I graduated from the Technical University in Delft in 2002, at the group Pattern Recognition and Image processing of the faculty Applied Physics, working on soccer playing robots in a team of approximately 10 students. As part of this graduation project we participated in the RoboCup World Championships in 2001. During my studies I already worked part time in the software industry, mostly writing visual basic and C++ applications for a proprietary CMS system.
After my graduation I started to work as Java software engineer and architect. From working at Nuon at the Java server back-end, in 2004 I moved to MarketXS, an IT company specialized in distributing (realtime) financial market data. I worked mostly on the main entitlement, session management and reporting system for clients of this data called UserXS, for which I both did the architecture and development.
In august 2007, I joined former colleagues in founding a startup called Layerstream, which focussed on advanced technology for real time video streaming. A US entity was set up in Silicon Valley in January 2008 and we tried to find VC investment there.
Within Layerstream I was largely responsible for the video coding software and integration with the network components.
In july 2008 I returned to The Netherlands and started doing freelance software development, mostly iPhone and Java server side development. Since then I built over 10 apps for several companies, ranging from small to multi-national in size, including Greetz, EveryTrail, KLM, Ahold and ING. On the side I developed my own iPhone app for BehindTheFrontDoor, a talent platform based on media sharing, which went live in october 2012. Unfortunately that project never got the critical user mass to sustain itself.

My specialties are: iPhone/iPad development, scalable server applications, mostly in Java (JEE), also web applications, realtime processing, image/video processing. I have a strong theoretical foundation because of my background in physics and mathematics.

Recently I became a member of the TopTal community, passing their elaborate screening process, which they claim filters out all but the top 3% of all developers who apply.

Besides programming I do a lot of sports, mostly cycling and running, love outdoor activities and occasionally I play some chess.